All the Ways We Vote

All the Ways We Vote.

We are voting all the time.

Decisions to sleep or push through!

To buy organic or conventional, local or imported, plastic or reused canvas bags.

We vote for yoga studios, teachers, businesses, and artists all day long.

We vote with our money.

We vote for our self worth in the way we stand tall or slouch over. In our ability to voice our desires or in the way we excuse ourselves with excessive apologies (Do my questions put you out? Did my crying make you uncomfortable? Did my body get in your way?).

We vote for our friends and family with our time, the way we listen without trying to fix (I know!), the way we show up again and again and the way we’re willing to say, “I was wrong,” or “I’m willing to see it another way.”

We vote for mother earth when we choose to buy in season or organic greens in plastic containers (what an insane thing- I do it). Do we filter our water or drink bottled water from Tahiti!? Do we consume more, or reuse, share, recycle, and compost?

We vote for love when we’re gentle with ourselves and compassionate towards others: A daily practice with tons of opportunity for re-dos.

We vote for our relationships when we seek help to unearth what must be pulled so to honor something richer even if it’s deeply uncomfortable.

We vote.

Today is the primaries and we’re asked to vote again. No money needed. Nobody cares about your posture. No apologies. Just you, in a booth answering the following questions:
Who do you believe in?
What do you stand for?
What do you want for the earth and for your children’s children?

We shape our lives again and again.

We are the creators of the love and violence in our heads and hearts, in our external relationships, and the world at large.

It’s all a reflection of our daily voting.

Your voice matters in ALL the ways we vote. A chance to state your desires clearly on a ballot is a great starting point.

Do you agree?

Thank you friends.






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