Be The Lion

Be The Lion, is the easiest reminder to have agency – always.

In this classic lion and gazelle drama we observe a short, intense fight for life. The outcome could go either way.

“Be the Lion,” was the advice of our last guests, a world class performance coach and breath expert, Brian Mackenzie. Brian points out that the only difference between the two is that the lion or lioness chose to be there. She observed, paused, and then went all out. “Game on.” When the chase concludes, win or lose, she’ll rest.

Being the Lion means this to me:

1. When I sense myself as a victim, choose to be the lion. Pause (breathe through the nose), observe the situation, and then game on (act with focused confidence).
2. Rest matters. As Brian said, “The future of human performance is in recovery.”

Today was my due date.  It’s beyond me that I’ll never get to hold him, get to know him, or nurture him.  Life doesn’t always let you choose the circumstance but you can always choose to shrink or grow. To be the victim or the lion.

Growth doesn’t always justify the pain, but it does honor life.

Smaller things like traffic, lost items, and rude encounters happen daily. Big or small we have a choice #bethelion #shrinkorgrow

The two steps it takes to #bethelion

1) Can you find one situation in which you see yourself as victim?

It probably feels very real.

It can be easy to defend your victimhood, to blame, find evidence and point fingers.

Take a moment and reframe it. Reclaim your power.
I’m choosing to be here. I’m choosing to respond. I’m choosing to grow. Now what?

Being the lion is a practice and it’s a choice. It’s a decision to take your power back.


2) Could you use some recovery time?
If you’re telling yourself the story that you don’t have time or the resources, you’re the victim. I’m sure you have plenty of evidence to defend your full schedule. It feels real. You may be angry and saying, “It is real!”

CHOOSE to BE the lion. Schedule rest/recovery in as if your life depends on it. You not only deserve it, but to truly thrive, you NEED it. It may look like ten minutes alone, a restorative yoga class, a walk in the woods, a hot bath, or a 90 min massage. Choose your medicine.

To be honest, this is a hard one for me. I’m not lecturing as a master, but as a clumsy student. I’m working on it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This week, try it with me. “Be the Lion.” Observe, choose, claim your actions, and by all means recover.

I’d love to hear how just one week of lioness adjustments affect your life.

Let me know.

I’m listening,

P.S. If you join our new Leverage Membership I will be teaching more tools and techniques to help you “Be the Lion” in your every day life and other beyond on the mat techniques.





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