Begin Again. Say Yes.

It’s officially spring. I once feared spring.  Yes, I feared a season.

Every spring lacrosse season, from my senior year in high school to my sophomore year in college, I incurred a severe injury or illness. My physical pain was always coupled with mental anguish, isolation, and emotional distress.  These were new feelings for me.  They were unbearable and seeped into my relationships, my education, and identity.

Come junior year, I simply feared the spring. Spring brought darkness instead of light.

Have you ever had something break you? It’s scary to go back and face it again, isn’t it? Yet life usually calls us back to the places in which we’ve been broken, to try it again, and see if we can let go and heal anew.

If you’re considering partnership after a divorce, creating a nourishing home after growing up in an unsafe house, intimacy after violation, abundance when your set-point is scarcity, engaging in self-care after being told martyrdom is sacred, or getting pregnant after loss or postpartum depression, then you know what I’m talking about.

Saying yes to life means moving forward on our path. It means re-writing the script and making the obstacles into teachers.  It means honoring the pain and the death without getting attached to either. It means saying yes to the unknown and choosing love above all.

Here are a few reminders for us:

  1. We can do hard things. (Thanks, Glennon Doyle.)
  2. Processed pain is rich compost for new seeds. Wisdom, compassion, and experience nourish the roots-to-be.
  3. Saying “yes” to life is courageous. We know what’s at stake. We know the pain, the love, the miracles, and bow to the great unknown.
  4. We are not alone. There are seen and unseen support systems backing us up.
I say, “Yes.”  Yes, for love, for truth, for our individual and collective paths. Yes, let’s do it again, with new eyes and nourished roots.

I’m welcoming in spring and new beginnings.  I’m inviting you to do the same.

With love,


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