Benefits of Nasal Breathing

Take a nice slow inhale through your nose.  Now take an easy exhale through the nose.  Ahhh… Feels nice, right?

Breathing through your nose increases sex drive, immunity, and physical performance while lowering inflammation, anxiety, and cholesterol.

Here’s Why:

  1. Releases stores of nitric oxide into the cardiovascular system.  Improves sexual functioning, vasodilatation, oxygen absorption, heart health, performance, and immune health through its antimicrobial activity.
  1. Lowers anxiety.  There are thousands of parasympathetic nerve innervations in the nose that signal to the body, “I’m safe. I can rest, digest, and recover.” When anxiety is down, happy hormones are up, immunity is up, and sex drive is up. They also found that biggest influence on performance was positive attitude.
  1. Improves immunity by warming and saturating the air while also filtering out dirt, fungi, toxins, viruses, and bacteria. The incoming air passes through 4 nasal concha (imagine swirling passageways of a conch shell) that are covered with thousands of moving cilia and mucus membranes. It’s a built-in filtration mask!
  1. Aids posture and physical performance.
  • Requires you to exercise at a sub-max pace in which you still have control over your posture while improving cardiovascular efficiency.
  • Creates resistance to incoming air, which helps our performance by increasing oxygen uptake 10-20%.
  • Increases supportive pressure around the spine. (Liken it to the small air passage of a screen door closer.  It creates a slow high-pressure release instead of a quick low-pressure collapse.)
  • Strengthens the diaphragm (main breathing muscle).

Take another nice slow inhale through the nose. Then an easy exhale through the nose.

This weekend, experiment with nasal breathing.  If you feel better, keep at it! If you run, lift, do yard work, go for a walk, or even sit at a computer, notice!

Switching from mouth to nose is a reminder that we get to choose how we respond to life.  It’s a reminder to come back to a centered place of love, connection and intelligence.  

With Love,


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