Begin Again. Say Yes.

It's officially spring. I once feared spring.  Yes, I feared a season. Every spring lacrosse season, from my senior year in high school to my sophomore year in college, I incurred a severe injury or illness. My physical pain was always coupled with mental anguish, isolation, and emotional distress.  These were new feelings [...]

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Benefits of Nasal Breathing

Take a nice slow inhale through your nose.  Now take an easy exhale through the nose.  Ahhh… Feels nice, right? Breathing through your nose increases sex drive, immunity, and physical performance while lowering inflammation, anxiety, and cholesterol. Here's Why: Releases stores of nitric oxide into the cardiovascular system.  Improves sexual functioning, vasodilatation, oxygen absorption, heart health, performance, and [...]

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“Sometimes it’s even braver still to let go, let go, let go.” 

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash "Sometimes it's even braver still to let go, let go, let go."  Erin Hanson We hold onto our old ways of communicating, processing feelings, relationships and work.  We hold onto old identities that no longer fit us and to the habit of pleasing others. We hold onto [...]

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The Power of Daydreaming

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming?   Maybe you dream of your future home, trips or retreats you want to take, or perhaps it’s having an hour to yourself? Maybe you dream of having a particular group of friends, the ideal relationship, the perfect work environment, or time with your [...]

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