Elena Brower’s Secret to Success

Elena says she lends her success to this one thing…

It was 1:18pm. Elena Brower, the presenter for our last Leverage Event, should have arrived in Portland, Maine by 1:00 pm. Then a notice popped up: they wouldn’t land until 1:40. At 1:40 another notice came through… now it said 3:40. How is that possible? It’s an hour flight from NY to ME, and they took off at noon.

Then I got a text from Elena, “We’re in Burlington, VT!”

She quickly assured me, “I’m eating crudités! I’m getting work done. So is my boyfriend.” So I went home. Got something to eat. Took a quick nap and spent time with my family. News changed again. They were going to be bussed to Maine, a five-hour drive! Her text later read, “I’m snuggling with my boyfriend and have had lot of time to meditate.” Finally, at 8:30pm their bus rolled up to the Portland airport. I went over to greet them and they were smiling, calm, and happy to have landed.

Later that weekend Elena and I were in my kitchen and she said to me, “I owe my success to unpacking my bag each time I get home. It’s just practical.”

You see the literal practicality of it, right?

Think of her travel story, too. When one expected story ended (arriving in Portland at 1:00pm), she unpacked it. She didn’t hold onto it or keep it “in her bag” as something that should have happened.

She repacked for a new story, “We don’t know how long it’s going to take or how we’re going to get there.” So they foraged for food and got work done. Then a new story, “You’re not flying, you will be taking a bus.” So they unpacked the story of a short flight and repacked for a five-hour bus ride. They repacked for time together, snuggles, more work, rest, and meditation.

Yes, unpacking your bag is logical, and it’s a useful metaphor. When I look at her success I can tell you from the many stress opportunities she faced this weekend, her success goes far beyond her yogi fame or doTerra success. It’s the clean relationship she has with time, friends, herself, and the way life unfolds.

No one is perfect, but she’s on to something.

When you unpack your stuff, you skip the blood pressure spike, the negative story reel, and the friction that lies on the inside and other side of moments when you’re rushing and can’t find your stuff. You start traveling lighter and clearer.

Every day we have opportunities to unpack moments with friends and family. “Can I have a redo?” “This is what I heard. What do you really mean by that?” “Why am I so reactive to that?” Alternatively, you can have one of those purses that seems like a black hole. You don’t know what’s in there or how it got there. Things just accumulate.

Cleaning out the literal and proverbial purse throughout the day is not my natural way. But as Marie Forleo recently said, “If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time. If not, you’ll make an excuse.”

Are clarity, peace, choice, lightness, and space important to you? They are to me.

So for now, my car, purse, and kitchen are all cleaner. I’ve been trying to do the same with every communication snag I’ve experienced this week. So far, so good.

Here’s to a clean clear week (and beyond) with one practical step to kick it off…






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