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November 3 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Body Wisdom: Dance as a Gateway to Transformation

The wisdom that resides in the body is profound. Part of our task as awakening 21st century humans is to quiet the excessive activity in the mind so that we may remember and integrate the intelligence of the body, the heart, and our instinctual nature that is alive within us.

The way to truly inhabit our lives is to live in the body. When we listen to this innate primal wisdom we learn how to move and recycle old energy of the past so that we can transform and return to being impactful humans in the present.

You are invited to join renowned movement meditation teacher, Amber Ryan, on an exploration uncovering patterns of a lifetime that are ripe and ready to be shifted.

During this day-long retreat we will practice the art of transformation by listening into the body deeply and with great care.

The Dance is a fast way to get a good read on where we truly are. It shows us where are strengths are in relation to ourselves and in relationship to others. It reveals not only our capacity for great love but also shows us where our shadows and challenges exist. In The 360 dance practice, we move to have our blind spots revealed so that we may grow in awareness and harness the energy to change the old unhealthy patterns that are ready to shift.

By being radically honest with ourselves and putting whatever is revealed into motion, healing begins to take place and when we dive deep within and surrender all we think we know, true transformation can begin to occur in our lives in a lasting way.

Once we access the energy of change, and learn to listen to that wise inner guide that lives within each of us, it becomes easier to access our full intelligence. Through the dance we not only harness our innate freedom we also exercise our discipline to create new patterns that support the life we want to live.

More on Amber

Amber Ryan guides seekers on transformative journeys through movement, music, and breath. She is the co-founder of The 360 Emergence along with Kate Shela. She is an accredited 5Rhythms® teacher trained by the late Gabrielle Roth, has taught at Omega Institute, Eileen Fisher Learning Lab, Wanderlust Festival, Lead with Love Conscious Business Summit and many more.

Amber’s crystalline delivery helps quiet the mind so the body wisdom can speak, calling forth our innate wholeness, freedom, and sovereignty. With a great love of music, she weaves powerful soundscapes inviting us into refined contact with our emotional intelligence, our conscious awareness and our inter-connection to the world around us.

  • Date: Sunday, November 3, 2019

  • Time: 10:00am-4:00pm

  • Location: Good Medicine

  • Address: 231 York Street, Portland, Maine 04102

  • Price: $197

  • Early Bird: $160 until Sept 30th.



After Wednesday, September 30, tickets increase to $197.