If it Doesn’t Matter in Five Years…

“If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, it doesn’t matter.”

It’s simple, practical and effective. Put this on repeat and your weekend will be better!

I messed up last week, or maybe it was the airline? Either way we were in a predicament.

Steve, Sophia and I had been visiting his parents in Florida. Steve was scheduled to fly out earlier than the rest of us, but the evening before he couldn’t find his confirmation info. It turns out that when I called to cancel the “checked luggage” for his trip, they rebooked the trip for February 19th instead of March 19th. We were charged and were going to have to book another flight at last minute prices in order to get him home on time.

Before I went into reaction mode, I asked myself, “Will this matter in 5 years?” and the answer was no.

Let me repeat; if it doesn’t matter in 5 years, it doesn’t matter.

It’s not permission to be negligent or apathetic. It’s a reminder that sometimes all we can do in a situation is ask, “What now?” and go forward. The extra stress pays no dividends.

So I took a breath, asked “What now?” made the appropriate adjustments and finished up our lovely meal. I had a great night with Sophia, Steve and his parents. Steve got home and life went on.

Losing money can hurt, a lot. MOST of the time it won’t matter in five years. This is true for many daily stressors.

I bet you can think of something that happened yesterday that you stressed over that will not matter in five years.
Am I right?

So this weekend do yourself and everyone you encounter a favor, let go of anything that doesn’t really matter. Figure out, “What now?” and then enjoy the people you’re with and the place you’re in.

I hope this is as easy and effective for you as it’s been for me! That’s my goal, easy effective tools that can make a difference even when you’re off the mat.

Thanks for reading!


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