“Sometimes it’s even braver still to let go, let go, let go.” 

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

“Sometimes it’s even braver still to let go, let go, let go.” 
Erin Hanson

We hold onto our old ways of communicating, processing feelings, relationships and work.  We hold onto old identities that no longer fit us and to the habit of pleasing others. We hold onto resentment.

We generally hold on because it feels safe and just.  

When you think about holding on, what does it feel in your body?

For me it feels like held tension, slowly draining energy.  It’s heavy and anxiety provoking.  The crazy thing is, we don’t have feel like this.  We don’t have to hold on.

Holding on, holds us back.  It keeps us the same, when we’re ready to let go and grow.  

A sense of lightness, freedom and choice awaits on the other side.

Karen Kenney goes live with me on her Facebook Page tomorrow Oct 3rd at 7:00pm EST to answer questions on letting go, living a life of purpose, and putting love first.  She has lived through things that most of us will be blessed to never experience.  She has let go and continues to let go on the daily.  She’s hilarious, insightful and living a life full of purpose and light.

Come by and ask a question.

If you want an in-person mini-retreat, get your Early Bird here! It ends after Thursday (on her 50th birthday!!!).  Don’t miss out. There will be story telling, step-by-step processes to letting go, and yoga to live music!  Bring a friend whom you think might feel lighter after letting go!

I’d like to leave you with a poem that Jamie Worster introduced to the Lila Fall Cleanse group last night:

So much love to you!


REMEMBER: Tomorrow, Oct 3rd at 7:00PM  Facebook Live with Karen Kenney.  Put it in your calendar! Like her page on Facebook, it’ll save you time and the stress of the “last minute-rush.”

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