The Most Important Picture You’ll Ever Take

Have you ever been in the middle of a breathtaking scene and thought, “I need to take a picture!”? Like if you don’t capture it with your smart phone (and potentially post it) the moment is lost, never to be remembered again?

I was at camp (if you’re not from NH or ME- replace “camp” with “the lake house”) and I saw my friend on the hammock with her new baby sleeping in her arms. She was reading a book and was totally at peace. Behind her, my other friends and their little ones were playing in the sand by the water’s edge. Steve and Sophia were laughing on the paddleboard.

I thought, “Shoot! I need my phone! I have to capture this!” but then I remembered, my best memories are encapsulated in my cells not my cell phone.

Go back in time with me:

I remember being in the backseat of my parents’ car.
I remember looking out the window.
I remember the expansive ocean.
I remember turning to look at the marsh on the other side.
I remember the birds gliding over the marsh, the soft pinks, purples and blues left over from the setting sun.
I remember the cool salty air.

I remember feeling in every cell of my body that life is overwhelmingly beautiful.

I remember 5 years later feeling a new feeling.
I remember a deep, dark, heavy hurt.
I remember remembering that snapshot of the marsh.
I remember how that gave me hope.

It’s the pause between breaths, the one moment we slow down, and that time we dared to feel deeply and beyond.

Taking sensory snapshots is good medicine. They force us to pause in the recognition of what is and the fact that that too will soon change. These “snapshots” are embedded into our cells. They’re cumulative and create our ever evolving reality.

Breath in.

Breath out.

What do you feel?

Notice all the elements that you’re choosing to store away about this fleeting moment in time.

The perspective we choose is a practice in awareness. It’s a practice that leads us to see more angles, have more empathy, more hope, forgive others and ourselves, and feel more capable to make empowered choices.

Consciously take three sensory snapshots today. If it feels like good medicine, keep up the practice. It serves me, and I hope it serves you too.

Wishing you much pause and recognition,


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