This Killed My Ego and Filled My Heart.

Last email I shared with you a method for getting powerful answers to hard questions. My question was, “What does my most fulfilling life look like as I bring a new life (a baby) into this world?” I was hoping to receive clarity on how I could offer my Tools of Gold for the Embodied Feminine program without being away from home as much.  Instead, I got a message to: Let go of my programming for a year.  Do less. Get more support.  Be more present. 

My stomach churned. What would it feel like to produce less and receive more?

For many of us, lacking visible progress, measurable usefulness, or an energetic spark, can make us feel like we’re falling behind, becoming irrelevant, or devalued. Being a receiver instead of a giver might make some feel more like a drain than a well.

I thought I had self-worth in spades; turns out my perception of worth and value were hung up on performance (read: measurable usefulness, finances, and accolades). Can you relate?

Stepping away from the work life I had in NY when I became a mama was the beginning of my ego death. Being asked to produce less and receive more is another layer of death and rebirth.

To produce less and receive more may seem reserved for the privileged, but ironically injury, illness, or life circumstances will inevitably force the same questions upon all of us.  So it becomes relevant to ask yourself now:

  • How do I measure my worth?
  • What do I value?
  • Could I love and accept myself if I couldn’t fulfill those things?

What fills my heart is the answer to the above questions: 

I value my role as a mama and my work as a mindbody educator.  They are my soul’s calling.  To welcome people into the wisdom of their bodies is an honor and privilege, but it is not what makes me a worthy human.


My worth is inherent and immeasurable, so is yours.


Be an achiever.

Answer your soul’s calling.

Be kind.


Be brave enough to step away from time to time.

If people leave you, they are not your people.

Go slower.

Get bored.

Question your beliefs.

Invite ego dismemberment.

Pause in discomfort.



Stay curious.


To those in chronic motion or in transition, this is a love letter…

Your relevance and value are in your presence not your performance.


With so much love, comfort, and gratitude,


What this means on the outside:

  • I will not be offering my 10-month Tools of Gold for the Embodied Feminine program this September.  I will miss it dearly!
  • I will be getting more support for myself with this baby than I did with Sophia. This is a major growing edge for me!
  • I am limiting Leverage Events to one amazing presenter:  Karen Kenney, April 5th 2020!
  • I will be offering fewer in person Yoga Anatomy trainings this year.  When my body starts saying “Please!” I will jump back in wholeheartedly.
  • I will be teaching online at The Yoga Teachers Lab!  You’ll be able to find Anatomy, Breath, and Habit Formation trainings in the next year or so. Again, once my body is screaming “Please!”
  • I will practice writing my truth along the way.

This feels spacious and supportive. What feels spacious and supportive to you?


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