Use this 5 Min Reflection for Big Results

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.
John C. Maxwell

Does your resolution have a feeling of being a new strict discipline? Resolute? I won’t waste your time with a blog on how loaded this mindset is.  Let’s skip ahead…

I like to think of a resolution as an opportunity to resolve a pain point, or to re-solve again, and again.  This invokes curiosity, a sense of adventure, choice and growth.

The New Year can be a bird’s-eye review, but the real change will happen when you see every day as an opportunity to re-solve your mindset, dreams, and pain points.

Here’s a 5 Min Reflection PDF that I’ve been doing on and off for two years now. It’s free. No strings attached. It’s wildly useful and quick. 

The Five Minute Reflection helps set my state in the morning, clarify how I want to feel, and what pleasurable things I’ll prioritize.  At night it’s pleasantly surprising to write down all the small wins, as they usually go unnoticed, especially on hard days.  It also presents the opportunity to reflect on what things can be done differently and how. Responsibility is empowering.

Again the link for a free PDF is here.
If it’s useful to you, than please, share it with a friend!

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